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Happy Valentine's Day! by Daniel Beyer at 02/14/14 10:51 AM

A holiday doodle from Long Story Short.

Inspired by Hirschfeld by Daniel Beyer at 11/15/13 06:36 AM

As a kid, the very first 'cartoon gallery' I ever saw was Hirschfeld by Hirschfeld, published in 1979. His economy of line was amazing, creating a caricature in what seemed to be a few strokes. The caricatures themselves were mesmerizing, even though I had no idea until later who the broadway actors and actresses were that he was drawing. He also drew his daughter's name, Nina, into his pictures - not arbitrarily, but by using the stroke of the letters as a function of the art. It was a lot of fun for me to find all the Nina's in his illustrations.

So in todays hilarious Long Story Short cartoon and inspired by Hirschfeld, I drew my twin sons' names into the drawing - Arjin and Jojo. See if you can find them.

Cartoonist Daniel Beyer, who writes and draws the comic panel Long Story Short, was stuck on a deserted island joke for 3 days without food or water. “I just found myself writing caption after caption after caption…and I couldn’t let it go,” said Daniel, who, somehow got very tan from the experience. “I remember I was getting weak about the 2nd day from not eating or drinking, but my determination to write the perfect deserted island joke - coupled with my indecision - kept me going. And I think that type of determination - and indecision - is what separates the pros from the amateurs.”

On the 3rd day, Daniel was getting Jack Torrance-delirious and filling sheets of white printer paper with the word ‘Help!’ in a variety of sizes and weights. Luckily for him, his wife, Tarrah, came into his studio and started laughing at some of his captions.

“I really like this one, honey,” she said, with a smile.

And that was all he needed to get off that island.

"Printer Not Connected" Error by Daniel Beyer at 10/31/13 14:37 PM

My computer decided this morning that it didn’t want to connect to my all-in-one printer. After some IT work, I’ve been able to get them connected once again. Yay! If you ever run into this issue, maybe my experience can help you. Here’s what I did:

After seeing the ‘printer not connected’ error while trying to print something, close out of print mode and try printing again a few times. If you keep receiving the error, turn off your printer and then back on, press ‘set-up’, then after that, in the dialog box right on the printer, toggle to ‘network settings’, press start button, put in your wifi password, green light should turn on, try printing, wait for the ‘printer not connected’ dialog box to show up again, then go on google and type in ‘printer not connected error’ along with your computer model and printer model, after you spend well over 15 minutes without finding anything useful, close your browser and open settings, then locate printer settings and delete the printer driver by clicking the minus sign, after that, turn computer off, then turn it back on, then spend about 10 minutes locating your printer software and drivers disk - you’ll need 10 minutes or more to do this because you haven’t actually seen this disk in about 5 years - then slide the disk into your computer, wait for the install icon to appear, waiting….waiting…. now double-click the install icon, follow the prompts to install the drivers, click ‘choose printer’, a dialog box will appear but the printer name will not show up at this time, close out of the installer, then double click the install icon and try again, after clicking ‘choose printer’, the name of your printer will show up, choose it, a green light will appear right below it, now try to print something, ‘printer not connected’ will appear again, now go into settings and find ‘software update’ because just maybe, click on it and new printer software will appear, click update, after it updates try printing again, ‘printer not connected’ dialog box appears again, turn off computer and printer, go take a hot shower, dry off, get dressed, then go unplug your router and then plug it back in - because who knows - then go turn your computer and printer on and try to print something. It’s printing!!! It’s printing!!! OMG - IT’S PRIIIINTIIIING!!!

It’s really that easy. - Dan

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