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Syndication! by Andy Anderson at 05/20/14 08:28 AM

I'm very excited to announce that Recess launched in newspapers yesterday!

More bloggy goodness to come soon. Right now, I'm deep in my writing man cave, so I'm best left alone (but you can toss me some raw meat).

Wil and I look forwards to dumping a big heap o' funny on you in 2014.

It's Tricky by Andy Anderson at 05/19/14 07:08 AM

Halloween for me always signals the end of “crazy season” in NYC. With events galore in the past two months, I’ve mainly been wearing my DJ hat.

(My DJ hat is quite fetching, by the way. Remind me to show it to you sometime.)

Wil and I have taken a month-long hiatus from the strip—-a Recess recess, if you will—-but are back with new cartoons this week.

Thanks to all who emailed / messaged wondering what was up. It’s nice to be missed!

A quick update:

We’re nearing the end of our development phase with Creators Syndicate. If all goes right, within a few months you’ll be seeing Recess in a newspaper near you.

It goes without saying (but watch me say it) that print syndication in 2013 is a tricky business. The landscape has changed wildly in the past decade, but Wil and I know that Recess is in good hands with our Alpha Comedy / Creators masters.

Speaking of which, our unflappable editor David Yontz has been very helpful in guiding us through this process. Gracias, merci, and arigato to you, D.Y.

I leave you with a cute n’ creepy vintage Halloween pic. The kid on the left is wearing an outfit that says “Bugalu,” but I think it looks like a rejected South Park character. Yes, I want one.

I Don't 'Front (Actually, I Do) by Andy Anderson at 06/04/13 09:10 AM

Last month I DJed the A&E/Lifetime/History Channel upfronts (a surreal happening in which networks roll out their fall programming for advertisers/cable execs).

I always think of the 1976 classic Network when I do one of these. Paddy Chayefsky's then-absurdist vision of the future of television has come to pass--and then some. Even he couldn't have foreseen "Duck Dynasty" and "Hillbetties" (don't'll be forced to know about this one soon).

One non-reality series that actually looked pretty good is "Those Who Kill," starring indie queen Chloe Sevingy. Dubious shows notwithstanding, the event is always fun to spin and the hardworking A&E peeps are a blast.

Thanks to James D'Arcy for taking the attached pic! (l to r--Amanda Bouquet, Chloe Sevigny and some writer/DJ bloke)

Reality Used To Be a Friend Of Mine by Andy Anderson at 02/28/13 09:11 AM

Annie Lennox on our Truman Show-esque world. As if I need another reason to love her.

Saggin' by Andy Anderson at 01/28/13 22:28 PM

Last night, while drowsily watching the SAG awards, I imagined / hallucinated Phyllis Diller walking onstage and announcing, "I won a SAG award, but it wasn't for acting!"

Is it weird that I'm writing gags for the recently deceased?

Celebrity Haiku #1 by Andy Anderson at 01/08/13 13:59 PM

Here is the new math.

Kanye plus Kardashian

equals two asses.

Save The Frog by Andy Anderson at 12/19/12 14:36 PM

E.B. White said, "Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better, but the frog dies in the process."

Last night I met a woman at a party and Recess (your new favorite comic strip) came up. She asked me to describe a few of the cartoons.

With White's quote in mind, I suggested she check us out on Alpha Comedy instead. Got an email this morning telling me how much she loved it (gratifying, as she's a big fan of the medium).

E.B. White--helping humorists from beyond the grave since 1985!

Madvertising by Andy Anderson at 12/14/12 08:09 AM

Thanks to people with way too much time on their hands (seriously--thanks, people!), you've probably seen a few of the "infamous" vintage ads on the web. Smoking doctors! Fun with lead paint!

Check out the link below to see fifteen mind-blowing, cringeworthy ads from the 20th century. The blogger's writing skillz are less than mad, but the examples are amazing.

What's It All About, Alpha? by Andy Anderson at 12/07/12 14:04 PM

Hola! I'm the writer of Recess (a.k.a. your new favorite comic strip). For my first post, I'd like to share a completely random photo of myself doing karaoke. The song? -- "So Alive" by Love & Rockets. The state? -- Complete inebriation. The winner? -- Anyone lucky enough not to be there. Happy Friday!

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