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HeroesCon 2013 by Brian Anderson at 05/28/13 09:43 AM

Yup, another post about Heroes Con. I'm a wee bit excited. If you're going, I'll be at table AA-214. I'll have some DeD books and a few copies of Prince's New Pet. Also, I'm up for some commissions. Never did a pre-show commission list thing, So I'm guessing I'll have time to squeeze some in.

Mostly I'm using the show to kick off promotions for "Monster Chefs". Comic Cons are generally not the best place for comic strip artists or picture book writers. But hey, It's now my local show and I'll be among my people.

HEROESONLINE :: HeroesCon 2013 :: Artists Alley Information:

Con! by Brian Anderson at 05/13/13 10:07 AM

?Here's one of two banners I had printed for Comic Con. Thanks to some help from friends, it came out better than I had hoped. Obviously the focus is on the new book. If you're headed to Heroes Con this year, look for this banner. Although we won't be posing next to it for the entire show.

Another comic strip? by Brian Anderson at 04/30/13 09:08 AM

You probably heard me mention this a while back on twitter or on some other social stream. Somewhere in the matrix. This is a pic from an animated series pitch.

However, my plans for this were not just to have something to pitch for animation. I want to bring this one to life one way or another. Any medium, I just want to tell this story. So I'm getting back on the ball, finding out where it's at in TV land, and, regardless of that outcome, I'm going to start producing it as a comic. For me it's all about telling stories.

So once I start production on the comic I'll post the progress here. Then of course, it's a matter of finding a home for the comic. Either way, a story shall be told.

My Pack by Brian Anderson at 04/18/13 08:58 AM

Quick shot of the pack. The cats, I believe, were reviewing schematics for their Mars Lander.

Puppies and Dummies by Brian Anderson at 04/17/13 11:05 AM

Oooo, so much to blog about these days. First off, lots of puppy pics coming. Those will also include Sophie and the two cats. The studio is a circus. And the new pup will join the strip. Soon. Sometime in the future. After I sleep again.

Also including a doodle for a new picture book dummy. This was the result of my son playing the organ with my Dad over vacation. Always thankful for a bitch slap from the inspiration gods.

(Wait, still a bug in here. Pictures to come.)

My other comic is coming back! by Brian Anderson at 04/10/13 12:03 PM

So, some of you know I started another comic a while back. "The Conjurers" is a webcomic companion to a novel I wrote. However, things on the novel side have tumbled into publishing limbo. I sat on it a bit, but you know what? I want to tell this story.

It'll start running weekly again soon. For now, here a peek at the next page. Or at least the art. Haven't lettered it yet.

Okay, I'll have to retry this later. The sites not taking my upload. Oh such a tease.

Impromptu Caption Contest by Brian Anderson at 03/22/13 19:16 PM

So ya, I'm sitting here on a Friday night, just getting to work and I'm staring at a finished strip without any words. I have a couple versions written, but I'm still waiting for something new to pop into my head.

And then I thought, why not just post this strip on the blog so other people could stare at it and see what they come up with.

It's all rater informal. Grab the strip from here and letter it up however you want. Post it up wherever you want, just make sure I see it. So Twitter, FB, pinterest whatever. Send me a link or if we're already linked on those sites send me a ping. I'll pick a winner in a week. Oh, and the prize: I'll send you an original DeD drawing.

Making Picture Books by Brian Anderson at 02/28/13 10:19 AM

Let's start some posts here sharing my process for two new picture book projects. I'll post process images, outlines, notes and dummies along the way.

Let's start with some bears. Drawing this book on a large format Moleskine with watercolor paper. So my first step is to get some finished illustrations cranked out. These serve two purposes. First, it helps me get a clear vision of the style of the book. And second, when I send the dummy off to my agent, it gives her and whomever she presents it to, a definitive image of what I'm going for.

So the picture in this post is the initial pencils. Once I'm happy with these, I'll scan it in and do the finishes in Photoshop. No detailed inking on this book. All pencil tones and probably color washes. Although I will experiment with bold, thick paints when I get to that stage. We'll see.

The Staff by Brian Anderson at 02/15/13 10:34 AM

Thought I'd share a pic from this morning writers' meeting. Not a lot got done but on the plus side, I save a ton not having to buy Starbucks for everyone.

Cat Gate by Brian Anderson at 01/25/13 09:28 AM

Just wanted to thank everyone that didn't like the cats but sent me constructive criticism. See, that's helpful and I appreciate it. Launching nasty flame wars online or sending appalling emails about the cats is not helpful.

One main concern was that readers were afraid the cats would hog the spotlight. And that is a legitimate concern and writing me about it makes me aware of it. See, helpful. Calling for the cats (who are fictional comic characters) to be drowned in sacks is not helpful. Also, it means you have other more pressing mental issues you should resolve before reading the comics page.

Also, adding the cats was not a marketing ploy to corner more of the "cat owner market". These are my real cats. And they made me sign a contract that stipulated they would be included in the strip or else they would build an atomizing ray from spare parts and such laying around the garage. So putting them in the strip seemed a safer alternative. Although I'm not positive they actually know how to build an atomizer. They could've been bluffing, although I did catch Chewie googling "death ray" on the ipad.

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