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The boys are back in town! by Brett Koth at 07/27/13 10:15 AM

Paws 2013 Comic Summit: 7/22-24/2013, Muncie, In.

Bye, Bob. by Brett Koth at 06/10/13 09:48 AM

I had to say goodbye to my studio buddy last week. His name was Bob, and he followed me up the steps to my office every morning. Then he'd jump into the chair next to my desk, and snore while I worked. That was his job, and he was great at it.

I've never had a better co-worker.

Bye, pal. I miss you.

Happy Spring! by Brett Koth at 03/20/13 17:51 PM

Hey, at least you don't have to shovel wind.

1 day by Brett Koth at 03/19/13 17:14 PM

Holy cow, she's smiling.

2 days by Brett Koth at 03/18/13 17:41 PM


3 days by Brett Koth at 03/17/13 16:25 PM

87 down, three to go.

4 days by Brett Koth at 03/16/13 13:11 PM

She's getting impatient waiting for her impatiens.

5 days by Brett Koth at 03/16/13 09:09 AM

...for immediate occupancy.

6 days by Brett Koth at 03/14/13 18:21 PM

Time's up, frost face.

7 days by Brett Koth at 03/13/13 17:27 PM

Only one more week....and it snowed here today.

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