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About Tony Rubino

Anthony Rubino, Jr., was born in New Jersey to a first-generation, Italian-American family. Needless to say he developed a sense of humor at an early age… and then felt guilty about it. Combining his strengths; humor, art and schizophrenia, he found his calling in the study of drivel.

His latest book, “Why Didn’t I Think Of That? 101 Inventions That Changed The World By Hardly Trying,” is available everywhere, now.

Never a big stickler for math, Tony wrote, “Life Lessons from Your Dog” as the fifth installment of his Life-Lessons book trilogy, which includes “Life Lessons from Your Cat,” “Life Lessons from Elvis,” “Life Lessons from the Bradys,” and “Life Lessons from Melrose Place.” Before that he displayed his steely work ethic by penning, “1001 Reasons to Procrastinate.” His fear of being inconvenienced by eternal damnation is reflected in his recent tome, “The Get Into Heaven Deck: Or Your Money Back.” Along the way Tony has contributed his articles and cartoons to publications such as: “MAD Magazine,” “Cracked,” “National Lampoon,” the “Chicago Tribune,” and “Opium Magazine.”

And now Tony is co-creator of the Internationally-Syndicated Comic Strip, Daddy’s Home. Launched in 2008, Daddy’s Home is a fresh and funny look at the contemporary trials and tribulations of a growing segment of the modern family dynamic — the stay-at-home dad.

Tony’s designs, comics and words can also be found on greeting cards and other product lines such as calendars, posters, and apparel sold in stores and catalogs worldwide.

And his paintings can be seen at:

When not working on his writing and art in New York City he spends his time not working on his writing and art in New York City.

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