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Shameless Self-Promotion from Mason Mastroianni

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  • I Did it HIS Way

    I Did it HIS Way

    Legendary cartoonist, Johnny Hart, created two of the most popular comic strips in history: B.C. and Wizard of Id. When he became a Christian in 1984, Johnny turned his trademark wit and humor to matters of faith. Johnny passed away the day before Easter 2007 while at his drawing board. “This book is a dream that Johnny and I shared,” says his wife, Bobby. “I knew I had to finish our dream.”

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  • B.C. Reinvents The Wheel

    B.C. Reinvents The Wheel

    Longevity indeed, for the B.C. comic strip has been continually published for over 50 years. Mastroianni has ably assumed the pen from his grandfather, Johnny Hart, the originator of the Mastroianni's delightful style evokes the early and honored artistic traditions.

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