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About Mell Lazarus

Here’s what I’ve done, so far:

Editor and Art Director of 30 comic magazines for Toby Press, Inc.

Creator of the syndicated comic strips “Momma” and “Miss Peach.”

Miss Peach ran from 1957 to 2002. Momma launched in 1970 and still running to date.

Author of “The Boss is Crazy, Too” (a novel published by The Dial Press in 1964, which was optioned at the time by David Merrick for Broadway.)

Author of “The Neighborhood Watch” (a novel published by Doubleday in 1985 which also enjoyed several movie options. Currently adapting the book as a screenplay.

A few newspaper articles (notably “Angry Fathers” and “The Son-In-Law Watcher” for the New York Times Magazine).

Magazine cartoons in the 1950’s (The Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, etc.)

A juvenile book (“Francine, Your Face Would stop a Clock”).

Illustrated two childrens books (“Mind Your Ps and Qs” and “Please Protect The Porcupine.”

Illustrated “The Momma Cook Book” by Barbara Hazen.

Approximately 15 anthologies of “Momma” and “Miss Peach,” in the U.S. and Europe, including “THE MOMMA TREASURY.” published by Andrews & McMeel, circa 1975.

Wrote three Actors Equity Showcase plays in the 1960’s (“Everybody Into The Lake,” “Elliman’s Fly,” and “Lifetime Eggcreams.”)

Lecturer (many, many, times, most recently at the Charles Schulz Museum).

Four Televison holiday specials, co-written with Ed Scharlach, based on “Miss Peach.”

Two-term President of The National Cartoonists Society, the world’s largest and most important organization in the profession.

Winner of the National Cartoonists Society’s top award “ The Reuben,” as well as the NCS “Silver T Square,” the NCS “Gold Key Award,” and two NCS annual “Best Humor Strip Awards.”

Currently adapting his novel “The Neghborhood Watch” for the screen.

Currently writing his third novel.

In addition, he’s happily married, busy, skinny and a really nice guy. Just ask his wife, three daughters, three current sons-in-law, two ex-sons-in-law, six grandchildren and Lucca, his Golden Retriever.

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