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Life reflects art... by Carla Ventresca at 11/28/12 12:10 PM

Pulling out the Christmas decorations and starting the tradition of trimming our artificial Christmas tree, I'm reminded of a strip we did last year...

Claire and Paul's hotel shenanigans by Carla Ventresca at 10/02/12 07:49 AM

This week, Claire and Paul are pretending to be part of the elite and requesting a room at a five star hotel. The hotel is based on The Carlton in Cannes, France. Pretty spectacular! (not that I would know...)

On a Claire Day Hiatus Week by Carla Ventresca at 08/24/12 10:54 AM

If you were confused reading last week's strips, wondering how Claire went back in time right in the middle of her vacation in Paris, you weren't the only one. Henry and I were on a mini-break. But, no more strip confusion from now on - Claire and Paul continue on their European vacation. Hope you're enjoying it.

Major typo! by Carla Ventresca at 08/21/12 14:02 PM

What kind of train travels 2,000 miles per hour? Apparently the one Paul and Claire were on yesterday. We meant to say "200 mph". D'oh!

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