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More cartoons and art by Phil Fehrenbacher at 12/15/14 17:00 PM

If you are interested in seeing more of my artwork, I have a Fehrenbacher Illustration page. There you'll see hundreds of different cartoons and illustrations made for Harley-Davidson Ts, microbrew Ts and many other applications. Here's the address:

Vacation by Phil Fehrenbacher at 06/12/14 13:08 PM

My wife and I will be vacationing in Oregon's high desert for this next week. Hoping to get kick back, some new ideas and recharge the batteries.


Statesman Journal article by Phil Fehrenbacher at 05/25/14 12:41 PM

The Salem, Oregon Statesman Journal newspaper will begin running Gray Area weekly, beginning Monday May 26th. Today they wrote a very nice story about me and the panel in their Sunday Profile. I'm posting a link to the site in case anyone would care to read it. Hopefully other Gannett papers, especially those with high senior readership will also sign on. This link doesn't appear to be active, so you may need to copy and paste.

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