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The Day Before This Day in History

Posted by Jim Shoenbill on Oct 16, 2014 at 08:31 AM

Famous people born the day before today, in history:

1795 - Frederik Willem IV, king of Prussia (1840-61)/Germany (1849-61), invented pudding

1816 - Amiel Weeks Whipple, Major General (Union volunteers), famed paper towel squeezer

1844 - Friedrich Nietzsche, Prussia, German philosopher and hard-nosed Green Bay Packers linebacker (#66)

1890 - Arcady Dubensky, composer, (“Hot Blooded”)

1895 - Alfred Neumann, German playwright, founded Mad magazine

1910 - Xenophon Balaskas, South African cricketer, coolest name ever

1921 - Angelica Rozeanu, Romanian table tennis player (World Champ 1950-55) and peasant

1955 - Tanya Roberts, [Leigh], Bronx NY, actress (Charlie's Angels, Sheena, Cosmos co-host, with Carl Sagan)

??? – Jim Shoenbill, first American child to build a working slot machine out of Legos

1973 - Susannah Kate Pryde, Auckland NZ, road race cyclist (Olympics-96), coined phrase “on your roit, mate”

1979 - Mahana Ka'ahumanu Walters, Miss Hawaii Teen USA (3rd-1997), presumably conceited


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